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Guarding Your Child's Mental Health

The following is from the Focus On The Family Website:

Childhood should be a time of joy and growth, free from the worries of the world. But as you know, Christian parents can only do so much to raise children in a safe and positive environment — and even if you do your best, emotions, worries, and hardships find a way in. Some children experience this more seriously than others. So, what can be done for them?

It’s easy for us to diminish the problems of these children or not know how to help when they worry. 

That’s why we’ve created this free series of seven short videos—“Guarding Your Child’s Mental Health”—to give you helpful tools to engage a worrying child in the correct way. 

This series offers: 

  • Easy ways to get your child talking 
  • Three principles to develop better listening with your child 
  • Practical steps to help your child navigate worries 
  • Encouragement for parents of strong-willed negotiators 
  • Clear indicators when therapy or counseling may be needed 
  • Biblical encouragement to shine a light on all kinds of worries 

Here is an outline of the episodes you’ll receive access to when you get your FREE video series:

  • Episode 1: “These are Some of Your Child’s Biggest Worries”  
  • Episode 2: “Listen to Help Your Sad Child”  
  • Episode 3: “Get Your Quiet Kid to Talk”  
  • Episode 4: “Some Tools to Help Your Worried Child”  
  • Episode 5: “When Your Child Negotiates”  
  • Episode 6: “Self-Confidence for Your Insecure Child”  
  • Episode 7: “When Should I Get My Worried Child Counseling”  

We’re excited to share this resource with you to equip you to guard your child’s mental health through relationship and scriptures.

You'll receive access to this FREE 7-part video series by clicking on the link below and entering your name and email address. It's from Focus On The Family and it really is FREE.

Praying the Scriptures Over Your Child's Life

Too often, we approach prayer as something awkward and unnatural. But God invites us into a relationship with Him, and He wants us to approach Him confidently and comfortably, just as we’d engage with our best friend. Through the Holy Spirit, God hears and understands the deepest longings of our hearts, even when we don’t know how to put those feelings into words. This is certainly true when it comes to praying for our children. With the guidance of Scripture and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, every parent can be a prayer warrior for their kids!

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube